Vk 34 kotitehtävä 1

1. Search information about licenses:
1.1 What does GPL license mean?

-General Public License, a commonly used free license for the use of different softwares. It allows modification, redistribution and free use of the program.

1.2 What are the differences between GPL and LGPL?

-LGPL(Lesser GPL) allows more secrecy in your own code that you have contributed to an open source project. You have to tell what you have modified but f.ex. you can add links to a program that you keep to yourself.
1.3. What does CC-license mean and what are the license rules?

-A creative commons license. It allows free distribution of the copyrighted work. An author can f.ex. give a right to use, build upon to his work or share his work.

Please provide the logo.  (Source: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/a/a3/Cc.logo.circle.svg/225px-Cc.logo.circle.svg.png)
2. Install VirtualBox (or use the one installed);
and Fedora workstation (64 bit) in VirtualBox.
2.1 What differences are there compared to Ubuntu in installation phase and in desktop?
A few examples.

-Fedora didn´t ask timezones or keyboard settings.. Those have to be set up later by yourself. Desktop doesn´t have the leftside menu. You have to choose activities-button for that.

2.2 Take a screenshot of the screen/desktop and compare the “views”

-Fedora is simpler, Ubuntu has more features and it is more user-friendly thus it is good Linux-distro for beginners.

Fedora dekstop image


Ubuntu desktop

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