vk 35 Kotitehtävät 1

Create following directory structure under your home directory:
Move directory exercise.
Move to directory is.
Move to directory a.


Copy file /etc/services to directory exercise.


Explain what mean absolute and relative file path.

-An absolute path is a direct/whole path from the root directory and a relative path is from the working directory, like where you are at that moment.

Using commands

Test command lshw. Find an option which changes output to html format.

-lshw -html
Redirect output to file lshw.html

-lshw -html > lshw.html
Wild cards
List all files in /usr/bin where the first character is z

List all files in /usr/bin/ where the name contains string ab



How can you view listing of directory /usr/bin in a scrollable form?

~$ ls /usr/bin | more( or less)

command wc calculates lines, words and characters in a text. How can you use it to count number of files in /usr/bin

-~$ ls /usr/bin | wc -l

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