Vk 35 Tuntitehtävät

1. Add a new normal user account.

– sudo adduser User3
2. Add a new administrative user account

-sudo usermod -aG sudo user3 tai sudo adduser user3 sudo.. These in the terminal
3. Create a file in your home directory. What are the permissions of the new file?

Ubuntu desktop file permissions
4. Try to create a file in directory /etc. Why you cannot? Is there any other directory than your home
directory where you can create files?

-Because not root access and no.
5. Install Inkscape

6. Draw some picture in Inkscape and copy it to a LibreOffice Writer document using clipboard.Ubuntu inkscape..

8. Start File manager with root privileges.

-from terminal sudo nautilus /
9. Change background.

-settings ->background
10. Connect to your home directory in myy.haaga-helia.fi

-using firefox user@myy.haaga-helia.fi
11. Find and test applications for:
a. word processing ->LibreOffice writer
b. spreadsheet->LibreOffice Calc

c. pdf viewer ->Evince Document viewer
d. painting ->Inkscape
e. text editing-> text editor
f. email-> thunderbird

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